Major Medical

We are an independent, and we think more efficient way to receive your primary health care, but not a complete substitute for health “insurance”. 

We encourage, but don't require, our members to carry some type of health insurance in case of unexpected, expensive health events such as surgery or hospitalization.

We are a Premier Practice Partner with a Medical Cost Sharing program, Liberty Direct, that is an alternative to traditional health insurance FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF TRADITIONAL PLANS and is exempt from Obamacare IRS fines.  BECOME A MEMBER TODAY

If you do have a PPO-style health insurance plan we recommend a high deductible low premium plan with an HSA, you can still elect to use your insurance elsewhere (specialists, pharmacy, etc.) just as normal when needed. 

If you have questions about how health insurance is best structured with our services, we are happy to discuss with you at or BECOME A MEMBER TODAY.

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