SOUTHERNCARE Direct provides evidence-based primary healthcare to individuals, families and businesses for a simple membership fee that is personal, accessible and affordable. That means you receive the scientifically-based care you need, when you need it without all the annoying hoops of traditional access. We look forward to providing you with the kind of healthcare experience that you will love to tell your family and friends about!



  Membership family healthcare

Your monthly fee is less than you pay for your cell phone and includes all services within the walls of our office such as convenient basic x-rays onsite, EKG, minor laceration repair, and much more at no additional charge. We dispense many medications at wholesale cost and obtain diagnostic labs at 80-95% discount. You benefit from reduced pricing for scheduled MRIs, CTs, and endoscopy services negotiated with area specialist and imaging facilities.

time is yours

We limit the number of patients per provider and that means unhurried appointments completely focused on your health and well-being. In addition you will enjoy access to health care support in person, via phone, text, email or even tele-medicine at your convenience.

After all your healthcare should never be rushed or delayed.



care designed for you not your insurance

For you this means no co-pay, no co-insurance, no deductible, no out-of-network surprises, no filling out long insurance forms and no worries about denial of care. In other words no fighting off all the hands that impede your care. 

Nothing should come between you and your SOUTHERNCARE Direct provider.